Human and Physical Resources

2.1 The staff of the Faculty, in terms of the number, qualifications and competencies is adequate for designing, development and delivery of academic programmes, research and out reach

The organizational structure of the Faculty of Science
(FoS) is well adequate for effective management and
execution of its core functions, such as programme
design, development and delivery, student support,
research and outreach activities.

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FOS /1.2.1.a
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2.2. The Faculty takes timely measures to ensure that its human resources profile is compatible with its need and comparable with national and international norms

Staff profile of the Faculty is compatible with its needs and majority of academic staff has foreign training at postgraduate and post-doctoral level at internationally recognized institutes.

FOS /2.2.1
FOS /1.1.1.a
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FOS /2.2.6

2.3 The Faculty adopts and practices the policy requiring the new staff to undergo an induction programme offered by the University as soon as they are recruited; ensures that the induction training programme provides an awareness of their defined roles and duties, and imparts minimum knowledge and competences required to perform the assigned tasks

The Faculty encourages new academics to undergo CCPDHE programme conducted by the SDC, emphasizing its requirement to secure the position and, releasing them from normal duties to facilitate the training.

FOS /2.3.1
FOS /1.1.1.a
FOS /2.3.2
FOS /2.3.3
FOS /2.3.4
FOS /2.3.5

2.4 The Faculty ensures that the capacity of all staff is continuously upgraded and enhanced through provision of inservice, continuing professional development (CPD) programmes; impacts of CPD programmes are monitored and remedial actions taken as and when required

The Faculty has taken actions to upgrade and enhance the professional capacities of academics through workshops on wide range of professional requirements identified and monitored through the staffperformance appraisals.

FOS /2.4.1
FOS /1.1.1.a
FOS /2.4.2
FOS /2.4.3
FOS /2.4.4
FOS /2.4.5

2.5 The Faculty ensures the availability of adequate and well maintained infrastructure facilities for administration, teaching and learning.

he Faculty ensures the availability of adequate and wellmaintained infrastructure facilities for its smooth functioning.

FOS /2.5.1
FOS /1.1.1.a
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FOS /2.5.3
FOS /2.5.4

2.6Programme specific standard(See Part II)

2.7 The staff is provided with required training in outcomebased education & student centeredlearning approach (OBESCL) and the staff is provided with teaching &training facilities to implement OBESCL.

The Faculty motivates staff to adopt OBESCL activities in to the teaching and learning process. Training for the young academic staff on OBESCL through workshops and CCPDHE programmes.Further, in this respect, the staff is facilitated with sufficient infrastructure facilities to implement OBESCL.

FOS /2.7.1
FOS /1.1.1.a
FOS /2.7.2
FOS /2.7.3
FOS /2.7.4
FOS /2.7.5

2.8 The Faculty/ Institute has ensured student access to a wellresourced library facility; it is networked and holds up to date print and electronic forms of titles, coupled with other facilities such as reprography internet, interlibrary loan etc. and provides a userfriendly service.

The Faculty has ensured student access to wellresourced library facility which hold a large collection of books, electronic data bases etc.The library is networked and operated through an Information System (ISURU). It provides other facilities such as internet, Interlibrary loan mechanisms, etc. along with a userfriendly service.During the Orientation programme sessions are allocated for library staff to give necessary awareness for new students

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